Our beliefs

We believe the church should desire for new people to belong, a place where people are persuaded to believe, and inspired to become all that Jesus wants us to be. This is our mission. We pray we might achieve this by focusing on seven mission priorities.

1. Our church would be a grace-shaped community
2. Our church would speak the gospel to one another
3. Our church will be one focused on discipleship and our own spiritual rhythms
4. Our church would be focused in reaching the next generation
5. Our church would reach out with compassion
6. Our church would care for the vulnerable
7. Our church would be a welcoming community


What we believe

We believe the Bible is God’s word to the world which is authoritative, infallible and essential. Without it, we will never know anything substantial about who God is, what he has done and what he will do for the world.

We believe in one eternal and everlasting God who exists as three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The members of the Trinity are co-equally and co-eternally God.

We believe that God created the world through the power of his words. He made it beautiful and orderly – a gift for humanity to enjoy and cultivate.

We believe that every man and women does things they shouldn’t do and doesn’t do things they should do. We call this moral condition sin which separates us from living at peace with God and others and is the reason for everything wrong with our world.

We believe that from the beginning, God planned to send the Son from the spiritual and eternal into the physical and temporal realm to redeem and reconcile men and women to God through faith in his death.

We believe that Jesus died on a Roman cross for the sins of the whole world and then rose again three days later beating death and establishing the pattern for all who die as followers of Christ.

We believe Jesus’ death on the cross was a substitutionary death, in our place, satisfying God’s just demands for human sin.

We believe that we can be reconciled to God through acknowledging our rebellion against him and receiving the gift of forgiveness given to all who in Jesus’ Lordship.

We believe the Holy Spirit is given to all believers as a comforter, reminder and giver of gifts to build the church.

We believe the church is God’s gathered people existing to worship God, encourage and care for each another, and offer a life-giving message to the world about Christ’s Lordship and return.

We believe the church is called to live a life of mercy, compassion, truth, and justice. To care for whoever crosses our path.

We believe when Jesus returns, the dead will rise. That those who love Jesus will inherit the new kingdom, and those who don’t know Jesus will be eternally separated from him.