We have been aware of the need for people to be able to find information about this cemetery for some time. We needed it to be more readily available to visitors at any hour of the day and week for people’s research.

We are grateful to the people below who have contributed in various ways to make this website available to the public. We are grateful to the people who maintain the graveyard every week so that it is accessible to the public. We are grateful to God most of all who as we can see from the many gravestone inscriptions, he has given people faith and hope about where they are going after they die. We are grateful to Jesus Christ for making this possible for every human being who puts their trust in him.

You can visit the cemetery here.

This map of St John’s Anglican Church Cemetery was drawn from a number of treasured resources:

  • The gravestones.
  •  A professional survey in 1987 by Stanley Ames from information gained from the Church Cemetery Register, and from information supplied by Richard Nixon. The graves are numbered according to this survey.
  •  A ‘Plan of the Cemetery’ dated August 1977 by David Patrick and Stephen Wedd.
  • The book ‘The Cemeteries of the Camden Anglican Parish’ by Janice Johnson issued 11 May 2009 (Janice is interred in our Columbarium).

The information and photos have been provided and entered by many faithful volunteers at St John’s Parish.

The map will be put up in various stages:

  • The names and locations of people in each gravesite – nearly complete.
  • The gravestone inscriptions – nearly complete.
  • Birth and death dates and other details about the occupants – in progress.
  • Photos of each gravestone.

The details we have may not be complete or totally accurate as they have been copied by hand and there is always the possibility of errors. Perhaps you have some information that can help us – we would love to hear from you – email office@stjohnscamden.net.au

We hope you find who you are looking for as you use this website.

The graveyard is full but there are spaces in the adjacent Columbarium.

Some interesting facts about the graveyard

  • FIRST FUNERAL WAS CONDUCTED: 28TH March 1843 of a 2 yr old boy but the burial took place at Narellan.
  • FIRST BURIAL: 28 June 1844 – infant – Elias Thorn – 6 days old.
    BURIED: in section E 093 – there does not appear to be a gravestone for this grave.
  • ST JOHNS CHURCH: Was consecrated on 7th June 1849 and the first minister was the Rev. Robert Forest. He was appointed to Camden in late March 1843 but conducted services at the school-church at Narellan because St. John’s was not yet completed. The burial / baptism / marriage registers for St John’s date from March 1843.
  • The earliest burial with a gravestone is that of Hannah Lakeman who died 23rd May 1845 and she was 3yrs and 9mths old. Location of grave is in section A 108.
  • OLDEST PERSON: was 102 – Philip Hodge who died in 1979 – section D 136 – although there is another woman of the same age in section E approx 090.
  • YOUNGEST PERSON: was 1 hour old – no gravestone – unnamed Child of E Holdsworth. Several children died at birth or shortly after birth in those early years. A number of children were also still born.
    In 1868, 3 children from 3 different but related families died in the same week. All were under 4 years of age. At this time there was major flooding in the Camden region and it is possible that the deaths were a result of infection or disease because of contamination of the water supply.
    Alexander MARTIN – who died on 7th September 1868. He had been a commander in the Royal Navy and had served under Horatio Nelson at Trafalgar and also at the battle of Camperdown. He named his property at Theresa Park “Camperdown”. He and his wife were also in charge of the Liverpool Orphanage for a period of time. Section F 003.

The cemetery grounds are on a steep slope with the ground solid being clay which has resulted in considerable damage to graves due to ground movement.