Wedding FAQs

Frequestly Asked Questions (FAQs)
If you require more information or would like to ask additional questions, or would like to make a booking, call our Wedding Coordinator on 0429 929 771.
Yes, you can. However due to the busy schedule of the ministers there is a possibility of your day being unavailable. Check with our Wedding Coordinator to see if we can help you organize your preferred day and time.
Yes. We understand and are as compassionate as possible. We will ask you to meet with Matt Stedman (our senior minister) and discuss your circumstances. We will tailor your marriage preparation for your transition into your new life.
You do not have to be baptised or Anglican to have your Wedding at St John’s.
St John’s can fit up to around 250 people within the building itself. There is plenty of parking as well so your guests will not have to worry about parking on the street.
Couples are required to attend a Sunday service (8am, 10am or 6pm) to collect a Wedding pack and speak to our minister after the service.

Attendance of a “Marriage Preparation Course” is a requirement to getting married. We offer 3 of these throughout the year (January, June or October) and they are included in the cost of wedding.

We also offer a course which covers the foundations of Christian marriage to prepare you for your life together.
We have a professional pianist available, included in the package. Our sound system also allows you to play music from smart phones or USBs if you wish, however these must be provided by you. We can also accommodate musicians if that is what you would prefer.
No, however, you will need to make arrangements in order to attend the compulsory Marriage Preparation Course.
Wedding services normally go no longer than 45 minutes.
Yes. There are many useful wedding services close by St John’s, such as florists, wedding decorators, car hire and other wedding based businesses. There are also dry cleaners only 2 minutes from the church for those last minute mistakes that can sometimes happen.

There are many different reception centres in the wider Macarthur area available for wedding receptions. The town of Camden has many different cafes and restaurants where your guests can spend their time before and after the ceremony.
Yes. However, depending on the day, the church is often being used for other weddings or church events before and after your wedding. As such you will not have much time to set up and pack up your decorations. Please contact our Wedding Coordinator for more information.
It would be good for the groom to arrive around 25 minutes before your booked time. While it is often seen as a tradition for the bride to arrive late, please bear in mind that there may be other weddings after you and your late arrival may impact on the duration of your own wedding service.
As soon as possible. Due to the large number of weddings we have the longer you wait to book the greater chance you have of missing out on your ideal time and date for your special day.
We have allowed other ministers in the past to do weddings at St John’s, however these have been under special circumstances. If you would like your minister to do the ceremony, please bring this up with our Wedding Coordinator and we will see what can be arranged. We do not allow celebrants to do weddings at St John’s.

For more information on Weddings contact us here.


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