The Lord is my Shepherd

Psalm 23:1 "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. "

Psalm 23 is probably one of the most loved and well known scriptures from the Bible.It depicts God as a Shepherd who cares for his sheep. Those five opening words say a lot, not just for people who are dying but for all of us who are dealing with life.

What is striking, is that David has a personal relationship with The Lord. There are many lords in our world, many things that can take precedence over our lives, but The Lord is the Lord God almighty, creator of heaven and earth. He is the Lord that David can say He is My Shepherd, He is the one who has ownership over me. He is the One I follow!

Jesus is our good Shepherd who knows us by name, who sacrifices his life for us so we can be his forgiven people, whom we gladly follow. What great care, what great love!

As we begin a new year, let us not follow the ways of the world, but the one who created the world and who loves us so so much!