Looking Forward

Well, two years has come and gone. In two years we’ve been able to learn, grow, encourage and be encouraged by the saints – my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ – here at St John’s Camden. Emma and I are thankful for the way in which you have cared for us, opened your homes to us and above all allowed us to preach Christ first, last and always.

The future for us is very different to parish ministry; however, we know that we don’t go alone. Not only are we encouraged to hear about your prayers but we know that as we go God forges the way. Everything he calls us to do he has planned for us and although we don’t know the reason there is purpose to God calling us to serve him in the Northern Territory.

This week we’re going to continue to look at the life and ministry of Jesus. We’re going to see how he is the one we have always needed. How great it is that we can celebrate next week that God indeed sent His Son for us!