How do you prepare? How do you get ready?

In Matthew 14, there is a theme of readiness and preparing. We see Jesus is preparing to leave his disciples, and therefore he needs to prepare them. Get them ready to carry on the mission for the Kingdom of God. These men need training, guidance, and testing.

We see Jesus utilises two moments in Matthew 14. The miracle of feeding the 5000, and Jesus walking on water to the disciples during a storm. Though there are many teaching aspects that can be drawn from these two miracles, I would like to recognise these are key moments in which Jesus is teaching, equipping, and preparing these disciples to be the men that will prepare the early church.

One key moment I would like to focus on is Jesus walking on the water to Peter. We see Peter is eager and gets out of the boat to walk to Jesus. I must commend Peter on his willingness. But as most of us know, Peter’s faith begins to waver as he walks towards Jesus. Perhaps it is because he was not keeping his eyes on Jesus, but was more concerned about the storm, the wind and the circumstances. I think therefore Jesus was preparing the disciples, as they prepare for many storms to come in their life. Preparing them to endure and to prepare for these storms. We need to focus on Jesus, and let him prepare us, as we continue to grow in our relationship with Him. We might make mistakes in our walk with God, but Jesus kindly restores Peter. He will kindly restore us too.

‘But Jesus immediately said to them: “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.”’ Matthew 14:27.


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