Who is our influencer?

"For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding." Proverbs 2:6

In life what is it that we set out to do? Many set out to be successful, to be well-educated and to have a great job, a great home, a great family. Have we been successful in achieving what we wanted, or are we still trying?

In our life, who has been our greatest influencer? Our parents, our friends, our school or work colleagues, our spouse or was it Jesus?

One of the most important factors in achieving is wisdom, the topic we have been considering over the last seven weeks. This week and for the following six weeks, we are returning to our series on Luke’s gospel.

In this series will see how important it is, to listen to and then follow the instructions of Jesus. This is the way in which we will gain the wisdom we need, to live out our lives in ways that will please and honour Him.

We will see how we will experience in life, many things that at this moment in time might seem impossible. Jesus, as we will see, is the one who is able to make anything possible. May we all enjoy this next short series in Luke!