Palm Sunday – the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

What can we learn from that day?

People were waving Palm branches as a sign of victory that God’s King had come to His people. God has indeed come to us.

Jesus chose to ride a donkey and not a horse, because donkeys symbolized peace and it was also a fulfillment of prophecy from Zechariah. We can be so thankful and confident that God is true to His Word. He comes to bring Peace, not by force but by service.

People were shouting “Hosanna” which means ‘save us now’ although they were thinking in terms of an earthly saviour to get rid of the Romans. Some people only want Jesus for what they can get out of Him for this life.

Jesus wept for Jerusalem. Jesus has a heart for people. He is compassionate. Despite people shouting out “Hosanna”, he knew that in a few days time some of them would be shouting “Crucify Him”. Is our commitment in Jesus fickle, does it waver through circumstance? Are we truly thankful for his gift of forgiveness?

Palm Sunday reminds us that God has always had a plan, that is to fight our greatest enemy of sin and death through his death and resurrection on the cross. While this is a triumphal entry, it is the first step towards his death.

Life is not about me. It’s about Jesus coming to me with grace and love.

Praise God!