Where now?

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.” – Psalm 32:8

I have had to make a lot of big decisions lately as my husband Ross is very unwell.

First I needed medical help. God provided our local GP, who turned out to be a Christian. But all the referrals from the GP were booked out. I was worried as weeks passed and I prayed about it - a thought came to my mind of someone from the past, and I was very relieved when he was able to see Ross. He also knew another medical expert who was able to see Ross at short notice - suddenly it all came together, and they have stood by Ross over the last year.

I also had to manage our finances and am not used to being in sole charge of this. One day after praying about it all, I had a strong assurance that God would provide. Someone advised me to make a list of everything I was worried about and to note if it was a ‘what if’ situation or an actual concern. All the ‘what ifs’ I gave to God – I could do nothing to fix them. I prayed for God’s help with the actual concerns and worked out who could help. Then despite being afraid, I contacted them and gradually worked through each worry. All our expenses have been covered fully.

God has been great guiding me through all of this. I can’t say I was always strong and coped well but I have seen God answer prayers (others and my own) and give me directions at the time I needed it (sometimes not as quick as I would have liked). God has used people around me to encourage me (thank you!) and point me in the right direction. He is amazing!


We’ll be back!