Hard times have fallen upon the church family. We’re unable to meet physically anymore. Which is heartbreaking. I’m sure many of you are trying to remain connected in small numbers or online. For some of you, your ministries must take a break temporarily. However, this temporary break could go longer than we would like.

I’m sure you’re missing the usual normal activities that we run at St. John’s. I know I am.

Some of you may feel helpless in this time. What impact can we have now?

We can still have an impact. Through prayer. In Matthew 6, Jesus speaks of how to truly worship God, in an authentic way. Jesus speaks on lots of examples, but the one I’d like to focus on is prayer.

Prayer can have a huge impact during this time. To really grasp the depth of impact, imagine if our church never prayed. We never came to God and gave thanks, praised, confessed, ask, etc. Prayer is fundamental to church life, and our personal lives as Christians. Though we are near and far, prayer has and remains a powerful tool that we can underestimate.

Though we’re far apart during this time, and maybe feeling helpless., however we can remain connected through prayer as well. Praying is a family affair. God is our Father in heaven. When we pray, we don’t just pray for our personal lives but for what’s going in the church family.

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done.” Matthew 6:9-10.