The Book of Psalms has been and still is the irreplaceable devotional guide, prayer and song book for Christians. The Hebrew title is the “book of praises” where David is author of nearly
half of the 150 Psalms. The type of literature of the Book of Psalms is generally poetry and over 400 quotations have been used by Jesus and the New Testament writers.

The message of the Book of Psalms is primarily about God and his relationship to His creation, the people of the world and especially the people of God. Over the next couple of months we will be looking at David’s most famous psalm, Psalm 23.

This is the Psalm of the Great Shepherd who cares for His sheep (Christians), who equips us to deal with life and refresh us from the burdens and stresses of life.

As we go through Psalm 23 verse by verse, I challenge all of us to put it to memory!

In your Christian journey we need to hold on to these truths, especially during the difficult times of life. If we follow the Lord and trust Him, He will meet our every need bar none. The Antidote to anxiety is our absolute trust in our Good Shepherd.