If you would like a hard copy of the sermons, CDs are available at the back of the church for $2.


If you click on the sermon description, you will be taken to a new web page and the podcast will be played. If you wish to download the podcast: (for pcs) right click on the new page and choose to 'save as'; (for macs) press Ctrl and click on the new page and save the podcast.


 Psalm 119 priscilla du preez 172598 unsplash web   Sunday Services: The book of Matthew 12 January 2020: 'King's Credentials' Matthew 3, speaker: Tony Galea5 January 2020: 'King of the Jews' Matthew 2, speaker: James Lane
 Psalm 119 priscilla du preez 172598 unsplash web   Christmas Services 25 December 2019: 'Christmas Family Tree' Matthew 1:1-21, speaker: Tony Galea24 December 2019: 'Christmas Dream' Matthew 1:18-25, speaker: Tony Galea
 Psalm 119 priscilla du preez 172598 unsplash web   Sunday Services: Psalm 119 - The Word 29 December 2019: Genesis 11:1-9, speaker: Mat Turnbull 22 December 2019: Psalm 119:161-176, speaker: John Ryan 13 October 2019: 'The Word to be revived' - Psalm 119:153-160, speaker: James Lane 6 October 2019: 'The Word & Prayer' - Psalm 119:145-152, speaker: Tim Ash 29 September 2019: 'The Word & Trust' - Psalm 119:137-144, speaker: Nick Cole 28 July 2019: 'The Cost of Discipleship' - Luke 14:25-33, speaker: Nick Cole 21 July 2019: 'The Word and Obedience' - Psalm 119:129-136, speaker: Irfon Griffiths 14 July 2019: 'The Word and Doubt' - Psalm 119:121-128, speaker: Tony Galea 7 July 2019: 'The Word and The Enemy' - Psalm 119:113-120, speaker: John Ryan 30 June 2019: 'The Word and Faithfulness' - Psalm 119:97-112, speaker: Nick Cole 5 May 2019: 'The Business of Busyness' - Psalm 46, speaker: James Lane 28 April 2019: 'The Word on Faith' - Psalm 119:81-96, speaker: Mat Turnbull 3 February 2019: 'The Lord of the Sabbath' - Luke 6:1-11, speaker: Imli Jamir 27 January 2019: 'The Word to Remember' - Psalm 119:49-64, speaker: James Lane 13 January 2019: 'The Word and Direction' - Psalm 119:17-32, speaker: Mat Turnbull 6 January 2019: 'The Word and Holiness' - Psalm 119:1-16, speaker: Tony Galea

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China replaces Ten Commandments 
Reports from China indicate deepening persecution of Christians, including the closing of Sunday schools and replacing the Ten Commandments with slogans from Communist Party leader, President Xi Jinping.
Prayer for protection amid bushfire emergency
Archbishop Glenn Davies has appealed for Christians to be in fervent prayer as New South Wales enters a State of Emergency because of bushfires raging around the state.
Key Factors to increase attraction and retention at your Church
There are a dozen factors which influence newcomer levels