If you would like a hard copy of the sermons, CDs are available at the back of the church for $2.


If you click on the sermon description, you will be taken to a new web page and the podcast will be played. If you wish to download the podcast: (for pcs) right click on the new page and choose to 'save as'; (for macs) press Ctrl and click on the new page and save the podcast.


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Flourish Women's Church


  Women's Church: How Proverbs water and nurture our life  21 September 2017: ‘Flourish in the world’ – Proverbs 28, speaker: Janine Allen-Jordan 14 September 2017: ‘Flourish in the desert’ – Proverbs 15, speaker: Mitchell Herps 7 September 2017: ‘Flourish in your marriage’ – Proverbs 5, speaker: Debbie Galea 31 August 2017: ‘Flourish in your parenting’ – Proverbs 23, speaker: Debbie Galea 24 August 2017: ‘Flourish in relationships’ – Proverbs 17, speaker: Heather Marshall 17 August 2017: ‘Flourish in your gifts’ – Proverbs 12, speaker: Timothy Ash 10 August 2017: ‘Flourish in your heart’ – Proverbs 16, speaker: Mandy Pilottos 3 August 2017: ‘Flourish in our neighbourhood’ – Proverbs 25, speaker: Holly Thompson 27 July 2017: ‘Flourish in the Word’ – Proverbs 8, speaker: Prue Skellon 20 July 2017: ‘Flourish as God's Child’ – Proverbs 4, speaker: Dee Murray

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Life as God’s gift
An ongoing push in Australian parliaments for euthanasia or “assisted dying” has been unanimously rejected by Sydney’s Synod.
Safe Ministry goes online
Spontaneous applause broke out on the floor of Synod when it was announced that elements of Safe Ministry Training were now online.
Domestic abuse policy passes
A policy on responding to domestic abuse in churches has been passed overwhelmingly by Synod, following years of work by a Diocesan task force.