If you would like a hard copy of the sermons, CDs are available at the back of the church for $2.


If you click on the sermon description, you will be taken to a new web page and the podcast will be played. If you wish to download the podcast: (for pcs) right click on the new page and choose to 'save as'; (for macs) press Ctrl and click on the new page and save the podcast.


 Psalm 119 priscilla du preez 172598 unsplash web   Sunday Services: Psalm 119 - The Word 28 July 2019: 'The Cost of Discipleship' - Luke 14:25-33, speaker: Nick Cole 21 July 2019: 'The Word and Obedience' - Psalm 119:129-136, speaker: Irfon Griffiths 14 July 2019: 'The Word and Doubt' - Psalm 119:121-128, speaker: Tony Galea 7 July 2019: 'The Word and The Enemy' - Psalm 119:113-120, speaker: John Ryan 30 June 2019: 'The Word and Faithfulness' - Psalm 119:97-112, speaker: Nick Cole 5 May 2019: 'The Business of Busyness' - Psalm 46, speaker: James Lane 28 April 2019: 'The Word on Faith' - Psalm 119:81-96, speaker: Mat Turnbull 3 February 2019: 'The Lord of the Sabbath' - Luke 6:1-11, speaker: Imli Jamir 27 January 2019: 'The Word to Remember' - Psalm 119:49-64, speaker: James Lane 13 January 2019: 'The Word and Direction' - Psalm 119:17-32, speaker: Mat Turnbull 6 January 2019: 'The Word and Holiness' - Psalm 119:1-16, speaker: Tony Galea

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‘Speak on behalf of those yet to be born’
Archbishop Glenn Davies has urged State MP's to reject a new bill to make abortion more available in New South Wales.
Creating a biblically inclusive Church
There is more to sex than deeper relationships
MPs urged to ‘Care for the most vulnerable’
Archbishop Glenn Davies has told a State Parliamentary inquiry that the catchcry of new legislation has been 'decriminalisation' but skates over the details that it radically extends abortion in New South Wales.