If you would like a hard copy of the sermons, CDs are available at the back of the church for $2.


If you click on the sermon description, you will be taken to a new web page and the podcast will be played. If you wish to download the podcast: (for pcs) right click on the new page and choose to 'save as'; (for macs) press Ctrl and click on the new page and save the podcast.


jesus is white on black Web  Sunday Services: Matthew: The King of Wisdom  10am 18 March 2018: ‘Jesus is Compassion’ - John 7:36-50, speaker: Callan Pritchard 6pm 18 March 2018: ‘Jesus is Compassion’ - John 7:36-50, speaker: Evan Moses
The King of Wisdom web  Sunday Services: Matthew: The King of Wisdom  11 March 2018: ‘The King's End Times’ - Matthew 24, speaker: Tony Galea 17 December 2017: ‘The King's Rebuke’ – Matthew 23, speaker: Mitchell Herps 10 December 2017: ‘The King's Defence’ – Matthew 22, speaker: Timothy Ash 8 October 2017: ‘Rejection’ – Matthew 21, speaker: Tony Galea 24 September 2017: ‘The King's Instructions’ – Matthew 19, speaker: Mitchell Herps 17 September 2017: ‘The King's Forgiveness’ – Matthew 18, speaker: Tony Galea 10 September 2017: ‘The King's Glory’ – Matthew 17, speaker: John Ryan 23 July 2017: ‘The King's Surprise’ – Matthew 16, speaker: Mitchell Herps 16 July 2017: ‘The King's Concern’ – Matthew 15, speaker: Timothy Ash 9 July 2017: ‘The King's Withdrawal’ – Matthew 14, speaker: Cameron Mason 2 July 2017: ‘The King's Secrets’ – Matthew 13, speaker: Mitchell Herps 30 April 2017: ‘The King's Sabbath’ – Matthew 12, speaker: Mitchell Herps 23 April 2017: ‘The King and Conflict’ – Matthew 11, speaker: Tim Ash 9 April 2017: ‘The King's Ambassadors’ – Matthew 10, speaker: John Ryan 2 April 2017: ‘The King and Doctor’ – Matthew 9, speaker: Tony Galea 26 March 2017: ‘The King's Power’ – Matthew 8, speaker: Mitchell Herps 19 March 2017: ‘The King's Judgement’ – Matthew 7, speaker: Cameron Mason 5 February 2017: ‘The King & Money’ – Matthew 6:19-end, speaker: Tim Ash 29 January 2017: ‘The King & Worship’ – Matthew 6:1-18, speaker: Mitchell Herps 22 January 2017: ‘The King & Righteousness’ – Matthew 5:17-end, speaker: Tony Galea 15 January 2017: ‘The King's Principles’ – Matthew 5:1-16, speaker: Cameron Mason

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Progress on DV policy
This policy outlines how churches should respond to incidents of abuse, and was passed provisionally in order to allow for feedback.
Ramon caps his lens
Ramon Williams, whose pictures have regularly featured in Southern Cross magazine since it began, has issued his last news release from Worldwide Photos.
Hub for change
Anglican Deaconess Ministries has begun its fourth year of The Hub, a mentoring program that coaches and encourages Christian female entrepreneurs to grow and develop projects designed for the benefit of others.