Looking to get your child baptised?

The birth of a child is a very important event and we would love to help you commemorate this time with a church ceremony. There are two choices that we have available:

Thanksgiving service

This is a special service where prayers are offered on behalf of your child asking for God's blessing upon them. You are welcome to invite your family and friends to church in this celebration of your child's life. Unlike baptism, there are no promises for the parent to make and no water is used.

Just come to one of our services and see one of our staff.

Baptism service

This is a more formal service and includes as part of the service, promises that the parents make on behalf of the child for their future. To help understand these promises every parent needs to participate in four information classes which can be held in your home.

It is essential that the parents meet with the minister and/or our Baptism Coordinator Debbie Banister at a Sunday Service (8am, 10am or 6pm, our 10am service includes a creche and Kids Church). We hold Baptisms once a month on a Sunday.

For more information about Baptisms, contact us here.