The Font was made by William Buchan a local stonemason who had laid the flooring for the church. It was carved from stone quarried at the Rev. Thomas Hassall's estate "Denbigh" near Cobbitty and was presented prior to the church being consecrated in June 1849. 

Despite being a large and heavy item it has been moved on a number of occasions. Initially it was placed at the north east corner of the aisle. However in 1869 Reverend Henry Tingcombe, the 3rd Rector, had the font moved to the entrance of the church.

There was outrage and protest to such an extent that the Bishop persuaded him to move the font to a position in front of the centre seats.

In 1891 the 5th Rector, Reverend Cecil John King, again moved the font to the entrance of the church behind the centre pews.

The font remained in that position until the current rector, Reverend Tony Galea, had the font moved to the southern side of the nave so that it could be more readily used in baptisms. In addition this cleared the entrance area as the font had become a barrier during weddings and funerals as the current layout only has one aisle.